Caroline Millgårdh

Web developer

I work as a JavaScript- and .NET developer at Palantir Systems in Oskarshamn, Sweden. I have a Bachelor of Science degree, focusing on web development, from the Linneaus University.

I started doing web sites at the turn of the century, and kept it as a hobby for a long time. I soon realized though that there are only so much you can do with just html and css. Therefore I started playing with Wordpress and Drupal about seven years ago. It was great at first, but after a while I wanted to be able to tweak features and add my own. So, in the autumn of 2010 I went back to university and started learning programming, and I absolutely love it.

I have gotten to try a number of languages, frameworks and libs during the past years. The languages all have their virtues. I like the strictness in Java and C#. The quirkiness in JavaScript. The ease of PHP and Python. The intuitive syntax in Ruby.

Also, I'm one of those odd people who enjoys working with databases and loves creating database schemas. Even though I like the traditional RDBMS, I'm fascinated by the NoSQL movement and all the different type of databases it entails. I have used MongoDB for a couple of projects and I was really impressed by it.

To keep up with the frantic pace in the web development community and to educate myself further, I read books, keep an eye on Twitter, follow a bunch of blogs via RSS and go to as many conferences as possible. I love learning new things and finding new challenges to tackle. I get a kick out of finding the best solution to a problem.

Besides web development and programming I'm interested in photography, cooking, health (specially Ayurveda), personal growth, yoga, pilates, music, books and traveling.

I occasionally blog on Tumblr.

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